"This is beautiful work Marko. You have a unique approach to this instrument, but also to guitar. I am happy to hear Hedges in your style, but your technique with the plectrum is something new and exciting. I love the big epic spaces you create, and the rhythmic drive. Thanks for sharing your art." ● Jon Gomm, a leading and one of the most recognized acoustic guitarists in the world

“These are the best original instrumental compositions and performances I’ve seen recorded to video on the Timberline T20HGpc acoustic Parlor harp guitar.” ● Rob Smith, founder of Timberline Guitars

"A musical adventure that exceeds expectations. This is an innovative and distinctly cohesive product for the Slovenian space, which sincerely and courageously conveys the author's musical vision. The breadth and depth of the music are exceptional, something we never admit easily, even though all the compositions are performed on a single instrument, the harp guitar." ● Andrej Predin, newspaper Delo

"It sounds amazing. The music is fantastic, and it's evident that you're truly dedicated to your craft. Congratulations on discovering a unique way to incorporate those extra strings in your playing. They add an incredible touch to the music. Moreover, you've composed everything in a manner that maximizes the potential of all the additional features of the instrument. It's truly excellent!" ● Igor Bezget, virtuoso guitarist

"Your music is wonderful, magical and I recommend it to anyone who loves music." ● Goran Bojčevski, virtuoso clarinetist

""I enjoyed listening to the entire album, and it created a fantastic ambient in the nature where I live." ● Eva Beus, Slovenian singer

"I must say, you play wonderfully, and I really like it. There are lots of different ideas, and the sound is superb. It can truly create a kind of meditative music. Bravo!" ● Primož Grašič, virtuoso guitarist

"I really enjoyed listening to the CD.” ● Zoran Predin, one of the most recognizable and artistically accomplished singers and songwriters of all time in our area

"Your music represents a unique style and speaks to us listeners in a very special language that can induce meditative states. At the same time, it's very pleasing and easily captures attention." ● Timotej Kosovinc, guitarist and composer

"Dbest, of course, you master the guitar, and on top of that, this deep bass is also there, yeah!" ● Jure Pukl, jazz saxophonist of international caliber

"Beautiful and pleasant to listen to." ● Ditka, Slovenian singer

“Wow. No words. Extraordinary. It's music with intellect and a message that goes a little deeper. It has that 'x' factor that is very rare in music these days." ● Janez Zakošek, bassist

"You make great music." ● Boštjan Gombač, clarinetist

"Cool sound." ● Jani Moder, a guitarist of international caliber

"Your new music sounds excellent. The compositions have a beautiful musical charge and sincere depth." ● Gregor Stermecki, composer

"Crazy! I'm genuinely thrilled to see someone here crafting music with such unconventional instruments. The music is fantastic, and I'm filled with excitement." ● Nina Pečar, instrumentalist, writer, painter and music arranger

"Sounds excellent." ● Alya, Slovenian singer

"The music is very interesting and impressive, particularly the performance on a musical instrument, which we have not seen before on Val 202." ● Tomaž Purkart, music editor at RTV Slovenija

"Good one!" ● Tomaž Guček, music editor at RTV Slovenija

"Something special, a good feeling." ● Tina Mauko, pianist and composer 

“The album is a masterpiece.” ● Veronika Hauptman, pianist

"Wow, this is so good! It's a real pleasure to listen to your music." ● Mojca Zalar, singer and songwriter

"Congratulations, crazy!" ● Vasja Bajde, guitarist

"One person, one instrument, music made as pure art." ● @Fernando.Canal2, Youtube user 

"The YouTube algorithm is on point today. This is awesome." ● @jakykong, Youtube user