Marko Zorec is a guitarist and composer based in Slovenia. He completed his studies at the Academy of Music, specializing in classical guitar, but his love for music spans across various genres. His greatest passion lies in playing both acoustic and electric guitar.

Since 2000, with the exception of a brief hiatus spanning several years, he has been collaborating as a guitarist with the acclaimed singer and renowned artist Zoran Predin. In that same year, he also joined the blues band The Kroniks as their guitarist, and he continues to perform with them to this day.

Currently, alongside his other pursuits, Marko is focused on his solo career as an artist. Recently, he unveiled his first solo album, "Parallel World," in June 2023, featuring the captivating sounds of the Harp Guitar. The album has received an overwhelmingly positive response, and Marko is currently contemplating the ideal format and lineup for presenting the album live during concerts.